We are all in a Battle

YES, I am tired. I am tired in more ways than I can count. It’s almost 4:30 am and I haven’t got to slept yet for several health reasons and because I over did it which I will pay for tomorrow, I mean later today, tomorrow….. today?? I am tired but can’t sleep, but look out, because when I finally do sleep, I will crash for 12+ hours and be a wreck for the remainder of the day.

The point of this is not: woe is me! Plenty have it much worse. I am blessed in so many other ways. The point is, if you see me out of my house you would not know how “tired” I am. You won’t see the pain and sleepless nights and the frustration at feeling dumb because of fibro fog. In trying to make the most of my situation and stay positive, a lot of the aspects of my illness become invisible.

Like those with “invisible illnesses,” you usually are not gonna see the full extent of what someone is carrying around on their shoulders,…….. so……. so what?

SO!!!!! be kind to one another!

Even if someone seems rude, or impatient, angry, inconsiderate….. we never know which battle field someone has just left. Maybe they won…. maybe they lost. Maybe they are in the battle right now! So be kind!

Don’t get me wrong. We shouldn’t use our battles to act badly intentionally. But grace and kindness to our fellow man goes a long way. Grace because we have all acted badly now and again, and kindness because that could be the support someone needs to keep fighting!

Grace and kindness, people. Grace and kindness.

I’m sure you’ve already heard something like this before….. yet with so much negativity, animosity and full on hatred and self centeredness going on throughout so much of today’s society, I think it bears saying once more.

Grace and kindness.

But they cut in front of me! It doesn’t matter. But!??! No, it doesn’t matter in the long run.

Grace and kindness.

My illness is invisible. My battle is invisible. We all have our battles. Even if you can’t see someone’s battle, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting for their lives.

Grace and kindness.

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